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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review: "Cutting loose" by Susan Andersen

Title: Cutting Loose
Author: Susan Andersen
Series:Sisterhood Diaries, book 1
Publication: Don Mills, ON.: Harlequin Books, 2008
Tag Line: He's getting under her skin...in more ways than one
Summary: Jane thinks nothing can make her lose her cool.
But the princess of propriety blows a gasket the night she meets the contractor restoring the Wolcott mansion. Devlin Kavanagh's rugged sex appeal may buckle her knees, but the man is out of control! Jane had to deal with theatrics growing up - she won't tolerate them in someone hired to work on the house she and her two best friends have just inherited.
Dev could renovate the mansion in his sleep. But ever since the prissy owner spotted him jet-lagged, exhausted and hit hard by a couple of welcome-home drinks, she's been on his case. Yet there's something about her. Jane hides behind conservative clothes and a frosty manner, but her seductive blue eyes and leopard-print heels hint at a woman just dying to cut loose!
[back cover]

When I read Randi's review at "Readers of Romance Book Challenges" of Cutting Loose, it sounded interesting, and I placed a copy on hold at work. But I just "happened" (he he) to be in Chapters when they had a sale on romance titles, so I ended up purchasing a copy. I should have waited.

Jane and Dev's relationship grows over the course the the renovation of the newly-inherited (by Jane and her two best friends, Poppy and Ava - both of whom will have their own stories) Wolcott mansion. It progresses from snapping at each other, to a "guilt-free" (i.e. a no strings attached - snort) relationship, and finally to the HEA. As for the characters, Dev wasn't bad (introduced for the first time as the "...redhead with the seam-threatening shoulders" - I'm a sucker for redheads), Jane fell flat for me (which probably had to do with her constant need for control and her multiple attempts to repress of her emotions), while the most interesting character in the book (for me) was Dev's brother Finn (described as the "sexy monk brother" - woo hoo!).

It's not that I didn't like the book - it was diverting and entertaining. Unfortunately, the story just didn't click with me (when I start putting the book down multiple times by choice, I know I'm in trouble). The beginning set-up was interesting (if a little long), the middle bits dragged in places, before the story picked up near the end. The suspense was miniscule - it was not a question of who or why, but rather, when would he be caught (and I kind of liked getting the villain's pov - even if he was a scumbag).

Will I read the rest of the trilogy? Well, yes, because I hate leaving a series unfinished, and you never know - I might like the other stories...

Overall - One Read
Heat - Spicy
Language - Strong

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  1. I am like you, if I read the first one I usually go back for the next few. I notice on some series the first book is a little drawn out to try to set up the characters and world for you for the future books. Then the next books seem to have a better plot, but more I guess with the peaks and valleys and the rhythm. Do you think that may have been the case here? Setting you up for future books?

  2. Unfortunately, I think my problem started at the beginning when the trio's friendship was introduced as young girls - I immediately thought of Julie Garwood's trio first introduced in Murder List, which probably coloured my perception of the book (especially since I am a huge JG fan!).

    In regards to the setting up for future books - I find (for me) it tends to be the second book that has that problem - especially in a trilogy. Probably because there is a sense of discovery in the first book, while in the last, you get the wrap up. Sometimes, I think middle books are just fillers...