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Friday, August 14, 2009

Barnaby Grimes: Tick-tock lad

Authors: Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell (illustrator)
Series: Barnaby Grimes (so far, 4 books - only 2 published in Canada)
Title: 1. "Curse of the night wolf" (2007)
Genre(s): young adult fantasy/horror

A gloriously macabre tale in a breathtaking new series, packed with intrigue, horror and fantastic illustrations. [inside jacket cover]

Having devoured the "Edge Chronicles," (and, sniff, was sad to see the end) I was keen to try this duo's newest series. I was not disappointed. Though the text printing is larger (in my edition, anyway), it is definitely not for their youngest fans - especially when it comes to the slightly gruesome horror elements (though some kids might be attracted for this very factor!). Packed with non-stop action, mystery, and (of course) Riddell's gorgeous illustrations, "Curse of the night wolf" is definitely a keeper - even for adult fans such as myself!

Barnaby Grimes is a tick-tock lad, a (as he explains it) "...cross between a messenger and a delivery boy, only a tick-tock lad has to be faster than the first and twice as sharp as the second..." (pp. 8-9). Working in a large early Victorian city reminiscent of London, he "highstacks" while delivering, collecting, and witnessing for a variety of sometimes eccentric clients. Along the way, his adventures usually take a turn to the supernatural, and are hinted at (and thus setting up the series) throughout the beginning chapters of the book. Even more intriguing, the reader is set-up for the ending in the first chapter, as Barnaby begins his tale involving patent medicines, impoverished patients and very expensive furs...

"Have you ever felt your skin being peeled slowly away from your arms and legs? Your muscles being torn and shredded as every bone in your body fights to burst through your flesh? Have you ever felt every tendon and sinew stretched to breaking point as your skeleton attempts to rip itself apart from the inside? I have, and I'll never forget it." (p. 1)

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