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Sunday, August 30, 2009

World of...Weekend : First World War England

"World Of" Weekend

Hosted by: Jill at The O.W.L.

Tell us if you would like to live in the world of the book you're currently reading. Would it be fun? Would it be dangerous? Who would you most like to meet in that world? What would take some getting use to? Tell us anything! Be sure to include the author, and make sure to link back to the current "weekend" post!

The book I just set down (before turning on the computer!) is a biography of Beatrix Potter ("Beatrix Potter: the extraordinary life of a Victorian genius" by Linda Lear - published 2007). At the moment, it's 1917, and admidst the First World War furor, she's trying to get on with her farming in Sawrey (Lake District).

Would I like to be there? I certainly would love to meet Beatrix Potter (I've loved her books since I was little - and I'm currently drooling over a hardcover version of her complete works in the bookstore), but I don't know if I could do without (as whiny as it sounds) indoor plumbing! (Hey, I'm a born-and-bred city girl ;-)

Now I want to watch the "Miss Potter" movie that was released a few years ago (even though I don't like Renée Zellweger's acting).

So...were in the world are you this weekend?

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