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Monday, August 3, 2009

"First draft" wars

After deciding that the "Writer's Digest" magazine excerpt wasn't going to cut it, I purchased Karen Wiesner's From first draft to finished novel. When I settled down to read it, I soon found out that I should have (silly me!) purchased her first writing how-to book: First draft in 30 days. She constantly makes references to "First draft..." in "From...", as in: see my other book for more details. That's not why I bought the "From..." book! (grrr!) So, since Chapters didn't have a copy of "First draft..." in stock, I've now had to order it in, which will take approximately a week to two weeks. I have yet to decide whether I'll slog through (consciously ignorning the "First draft..." references) the book I have, or whether I'll wait until the first book comes.


"From first draft to finished novel"at Chapters
"First draft in 30 days"at Chapters
Karen Wiesner's non-fiction page (with checklists and outlines available from her books)
"Writer's Digest" article on From first draft to finished novel (including worksheets available in PDF)

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