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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Review: "Excuse Me...Are You a Witch?"

Title: Excuse Me...Are You a Witch?
Author: Emily Horn
Illustrator: Pawel Pawlak
Published: Watertown, MA.: Whispering Coyote, 2003
Genre: Children's picture book (Halloween)
Summary: A lonely black cat named Herbert searches for some witches to keep him company. [Publisher's blurb]

Originally published in the UK, this delightful picture book is recommended for ages 4-8, perfect as a read-aloud for the younger ones (I certainly intend to use it for my preschoolers!) and as a beginner reader for the older ages. Kids will especially like chanting along with Herbert's common refrain of "Excuse me, are you a witch?" as he searches for someone to love him.

The illustrations (chalk? - I don't know art, unfortunately) are fun with a touch of whimsy and a slightly comic-book feel. Each (mostly) two-page spread is large enough to be enjoyed by a group, but also intimate enough for one-on-one reading. And Herbert is absolutely adorable! (He could home with me anyday!)

Though it includes witches and black cats, "Excuse me..." is not necessary a Halloween-specific book (though my work has it classified as such), and can be enjoyed in any season. Good for themes including witches, cats, halloween (on the basis of the previous two subjects), friendship, love, and homes (specificially finding one).

Rating: Definitely a keeper!

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